Only 3 Spots Left For The Meisner Summer Intensive Program!

With only three spots left, and just a few short days for classes to begin, which vying actors out there will take a big step on the road to improvement?

The Meisner technique is one of the most sought-after skills in the acting industry today. This is because it helps to convey the true character that an actor is playing.

Bringing words to life from a script, and in the original way an author wants it to be, is by no means an easy task. With the Summer Meisner Technique Intensive school, this skill becomes much like second nature, through a series of role playing, as well as coaching from lead director, Elizabeth Mestnik herself.

The Benefits of the Summer Meisner Technique Intensive include:

  • Train with a top acting director
  • Get intensive training in the Meisner technique
  • Learn how to get into character, without any hitches
  • Learn about self-analysis to improve upon current acting skills
  • Pair with the voice training classes for maximum benefits

Ultimately, students learn the Meisner technique in the original form – the way that Sanford Meisner, the originator, invented this acting technique.

There’s also an opportunity to extend the course for the two-year program (beginning in fall).

Readers of this post who are interested in registering, should do so as soon as possible. The cutoff date is July 5th, with only Session A being available:

The days and times are Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m.; and Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. The program runs between July 5th to August 6th.

Full commitment is needed by all students. In addition, prospective students must first arrange an interview with the Emasla’s director, before enrollment. Tuition prices and other details can be found here.

Our studio’s string of excellence can be attested by former students, and also industry experts in the area. See what past students are saying about the benefits of training at Emasla here.

In addition, students can phone us at 323-528-6280, or visit us at 7600 Melrose Unit J, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Lastly, the tally is up to only three spots. Opportunity waits on no man. Call or book now.