Fitzmaurice Voicework – Fridays 2pm

Fridays at 2pm February 8th - May 17th 2019

An actor is limited only by the range of his or her instrument. This instrument includes the voice, body, breath and emotional accessibility. This class allows students in our professional acting program to add conservatory level voice training to their curriculum. The Fitzmaurice Technique is designed to let your body and voice work with freedom and full expression to access your creativity and emotional range.
$680 for 14 weeks
Deposit of $230 required for registration.
The remaining tuition will be paid in 2 installments of $225 due:

Instructor: Michael Yurchak

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8-week On-Camera Class

January 31 - March 14, 2019

There are no scene partners, there are no excuses - this work is all you - on camera.

With the majority of all auditions for television and film requiring that the actor be put on camera for the casting director and/or producers to review, today’s working actor must possess a solid camera technique that is specific to the audition format. In this course strong cold-read and on-camera skills are developed as well as an empowered perspective of the casting process and a clear understanding of what it truly means to “own” the room.

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THE CHARACTER- A Beginning Acting Class Tuesdays at 2

April 9 - June 18, 2019 Tuesdays at 2pm

Next Session begins April 9th, 2019
It’s why most of us decided to pursue acting - To "be" someone else. Walk in their shoes, speak in their voice, feel their pain, live their joy! – to become THE CHARACTER.

THE CHARACTER class gives acting students a foundation in creating truthful, dynamic characters for film, television or stage. It teaches techniques that find the character’s voice, physicality and psychology. Students work on strengthening their vocal and physical presence, creating characters that are believable yet completely different from themselves. Through exercises, improvisations, monologue and scene work, students acquire a comprehensive set of “acting tools” to draw upon when approaching a role. At the end of the 11-weeks, students will know how to bring a character to life and apply their techniques in scene work and performance.

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Winter Meisner Program Payments

Begins January 2019

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Conservatory Payments


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Acting Foundations – A Beginning Acting Class Tuesdays at 2pm

Starts January 8th, Tuesdays at 2 pm

***CLASS FILLED*** Next Beginning Class Starts in April

This demanding but fun 12-class session serves as an overview of the required skills needed to enter the acting profession. Pulling from Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Linklater, and many other techniques we will be laying the foundation for truthful, interesting and exciting performances for TV, film or stage. Those who enjoy and succeed in this format can move onto other TECHNIQUE SERIES classes that focus on specific skill sets like character development and script analysis. Others may be considered for the PROFESSIONAL MEISNER TRAINING PROGRAM.




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Fall 1st Year Meisner Payments



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Movement 1 Wednesday Evenings 7pm

October 3rd – December 12, 2018 & January 9th – March 13th 2019

Throughout the twenty-week period, students go through a variety of exercises drawn from the Williamson Technique. They will begin to understand how this technique is the physical component of the acting work they are doing in their Meisner classes. It is a chance for students to immediately move beyond physical constrictions and use the body as a full acting instrument that can interact unimpeded with all the senses, to the world around them and to the other “players’ in that world..
Students will explore where tension is held in the body and how the body responds when it is emotionally alive. Simultaneously, students will be building a sense of grace, flexibility, strength, stamina, and vulnerability. The goal is to effortlessly apply these principles to making clear physical choices in the acting work.

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October 14th – December 2nd 2018 & Janurary 13th – March 3rd, 2019

Students will investigate how Shakespeare directs actors through the structure and rhythm of his text. Examine the differences between verse and prose, and discover when Shakespeare chooses to write in each form. Explore iambic pentameter and paraphrasing and learn a process for analyzing Shakespeare’s text. You will experience how a slight change in emphasis can alter the emotions and meaning of a scene. You will also understand that Shakespeare isn’t just words, it requires a full body investment and you will learn to link language with your physical and vocal instrument.
Schedule 16 Sundays 6pm October 14th – December 2nd 2018 & Janurary 13th – March 3rd, 2019
Instructor: Diana Jelinek
Tuition: $770
Contact: 323-528-6280 or

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