Welcome to The Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio (EMAS), a dynamic acting training program for those who want to study the craft of acting in a challenging and inspiring environment. Our reputation is for producing exciting and spontaneous actors with reliable acting technique. That is why The Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio is ranked as one of the top acting programs in Los Angeles by CBS and Backstage, among others.

But you do not have to be in Los Angeles to get this top tier training. Since Covid-19 has required social distancing, our main acting programs have been moved online. Our online programs have students from all over the world, from Tokyo to Warsaw, from Miami to Seattle, passionate actors meeting online to do the exciting work of actor training.

Online training has had amazing benefits during this difficult time of social distancing. As trying as these times are, we do not need to cut off that which makes us happy and feel alive; our creativity, our artistic pursuits, our dreams of becoming an actor! It’s important during these times that we stay connected, continue to engage with other actors, and grow artistically, not just for our acting but for our overall wellness. Live online classes are a great way to connect, create and grow.

We have two acting programs online

    • For those who are just starting their acting journey, we have Acting For Beginners.
    • For those of you who already have some prior training or experience and KNOW that you want to train for a career in acting – our Online Meisner 1 Training Program is for you. This is professional conservatory style acting training that is taught in 4 units over 7 months.

We are also offering movement, scene study and one-on-one coaching all using the online platform Zoom.

If you are wary about whether online training can really work… we understand – we were hesitant also at first, but we have found that the intimacy that working via zoom gives to actors really helps them to drop all their performance “tricks” and really access their own vulnerability in the work. Many of the bad habits we have to get rid of just fade away because when your partner is right in front of you (even if it’s on the screen) – you have no choice but to be honest… or they will call you on it. And for those of you interested in film and tv… working within the frame of zoom teaches you so much about body language, connection and eyeline. We have been so impressed with our online classes that we have decided to integrate it into our in-person classes when we return to the studio.

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap! It’s time to DO WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO!

Types of Acting Classes and Workshops

The foundation of our discipline
Available everywhere via the web
Refine your craft and stay sharp
The Basic Technique Series