Actor’s Life and Business Class

Setting up your life to succeed in your acting career

This is an important class developed to address the unique issues of navigating a life as an actor in Hollywood. Learn the steps and strategies you can take to reverse career stagnation, a sense of being overwhelmed,  and a lack of focus.

Success as an actor requires setting up the rest of your life to support your career.

The Actor’s Life curriculum includes:

  • Finding Financial Stability. Learn about CDs, IRAs, Money Market, and Debt management.
  • Basic Business Habits. Learn about typing, interviewing skills, and what you need to know about networking.
  • Resiliency Training. Learn: Flow states, Mindfulness and the Brain,  Coping
  • Health and Fitness: Learn about: Food, Supplements, and Dr. Nature
  • Balanced Digital Life. Learn to understand Addiction & Social Media

Instructors: Elizabeth Mestnik and Faculty

Next Session:

September 25 – November – November 13, 2019
January 8 – February 26, 2020

Enrollment is now open for the upcoming session. Register via the link below or contact us if you have any questions.


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