Beginners Acting Classes in Los Angeles

beginner actors in class at elizabeth mestnik acting studio

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The Basic Technique Series includes our three beginners acting classes and gives student actors the opportunity to develop skills that can be applied easily, effectively and specifically. We discovered that most beginning acting classes in Los Angels were scene study classes, where students who had never acted before were given a scene, told to perform it, and then critiqued. That is like someone who wants to dance going to ballet class the first day – told to dance Swan Lake and then told how to do the steps afterwards. It just doesn’t make much sense to us. Acting, contrary to popular belief, does have a finite number of concrete and learnable skills. Those include the ability to:

  • Access the creative imagination
  • Break down a script
  • Create a truthful character
  • Master a strong and flexible body and voice

The Basic Technique Series was developed to give those skills to the actor first, and then apply them to a performance. It is a great program for the Beginning Actor or for the more experienced actor who wants to refresh his or her tools. The Series is divided into three 12-week sessions:

  • The Character
  • The Script
  • The Foundation

These classes & workshops can be taken in any order. Classes run between 3 and 4 hours and students work in every class! No one ever just sits and watches at EMAS. The goal is to develop a comprehensive set of “acting tools” to draw upon when approaching a role or a scene. As a result students acquire confidence, self-awareness, a strong creative spirit and professional work ethic. All the traits needed for an acting career.

Whether you have never taken an acting class before, or need some brushing up on fundamental skill sets, these classes offer valuable exercises and performance experience to develop a strong acting foundation.

alumni testimonial image - John Geronilla“I have had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth, Sandy, Jordana, and Michael, and it is such a relief to have instructors who love what they’re doing, and who are passionate about their craft. Trust me when I say these instructors will go above and beyond in order to maximize the learning of the students. Elizabeth is a fantastic artistic director. She has a no-nonsense way of pushing her students beyond what they have previously imagined. You can tell she really cares for her students.”
John Geronilla


ACTING FOUNDATIONS is an overview class that puts all four major skill sets to work. It is an excellent diagnostic class to let students know how advanced or remedial their skill set is. It allows the actor to assess his or her strengths and weaknesses and rehearse the techniques acquired in previous acting classes.

THE CHARACTER gives actors exercises and techniques using both research and imagination to create dynamic, truthful and emotionally alive characters. Actors learn how to place these characters into living relationships and then take the words off of the page and bring them to life in a scene.

THE SCRIPT emphasizes the actors need to be able to break down a scene, relate emotionally to the circumstances, and play the actions of the scene. Focus is placed on making strong choices that keep you engaged with your scene partner, using the language of the playwright to tell your character’s story and strengthening the actor’s imagination and creativity so that they can be completely believable in the world of the scene.



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