Scene Study and On Camera Acting Classes

scene study and on camera
“Talent alone won’t make you a success. Neither will being in the right place at the right time, unless you are ready. The most important question is: ‘Are your ready?’”
– Johnny Carson

Scene Study is that weekly workout for actors to make sure they are ready when the opportunity arrives. You’ve already trained – now you need to harness those skills to your performance – to every performance!

In the film and television industry, even working actors rarely get to live through an entire scene. Until an actor is at the top of their profession, acting opportunities consist of small vignettes. We all want the opportunity to sink our teeth into a meaty character or a dynamic conflict. After all, that’s why we’re actors.

Scene Study is simply your best opportunity to flex your acting muscles and refine your craft on a consistent basis. Scene Study is the acting class where students take all of their technique and harness it for performance. It is a weekly workout where actors test their performance abilities in a safe and playful environment. Through working on scenes of various genres, the actors discover their strengths and weaknesses with the help of a trained director’s eye. Because class size is restricted to 10 actors, each actor works in every class.

We stress how to:

  • Work specifically, work emotionally and in Los Angeles, work quickly!
  • Every moment must be justified – be smart when breaking down even the simplest script.
  • Know who you are, know how you are unique, and know how to use that in performance.


Elizabeth offers this 13-week class for trained actors every Fall.

If you have not studied at EMAS previously an audition is required.  Submit your headshot and resume to  For the audition, please prepare a 1 – 2 minute monologue .  It can be from anything, Shakespeare to Simon, but do something that shows off your abilities.  At the audition Elizabeth will coach and direct you to see if you are a good fit for the class and the class is a good fit for you.


This is not a beginning acting class. It requires that the student already have a number of tools in their acting belt. We require that a student applying for this class have prior training or performance experience. It is a mixed levels class of intermediate to advanced students.
Scene Study meets once a week and students are expected to be prepared for each and every class with a minimum of 3 hours of outside rehearsal. You will always have an acting partner, so your obligation goes beyond yourself to your classmates. The success of the class depends upon the commitment of each student. Class size is limited to 10 to ensure personalized attention and plenty of stage time.

Tuition $590
Submit your headshot and resume

on camera acting class elizabeth mestnik acting studio


Now enrolling for “On Camera 2,” for students who’ve completed our On-Camera Class.

Offered in our January Session

With the majority of all auditions for television and film requiring that the actor be put on camera for the casting director to review, today’s working actor must posses a solid camera technique that is specific to the audition format. In this 10-week class

You will learn:

  1. Scene structure:  how to break down a script so you can make choices that are specific, strong and actable.
  2. Understand:
    • How to modify your instrument to the camera so that you work has the most impact.
    • How to use your eyes
    • How to use stillness
    • How to use the “frame” of the camera

This class will give you the tools to work within the most important playing space actors encounter:  the audition close up.

Only serious actors with prior training or experience and a true desire to improve their craft need apply.  Class size is limited to 11.  Each actor works every class, individually, on-camera.

This class is offered in our January session.

Tuition $480
Submit your headshot and resume