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Fall 2013 Scene Study for On Camera (sep-dec 2013)

The best part about a Scene Study class is that opportunity to sink our teeth into a meaty character or a dynamic conflict; after all, that’s why we’re actors! However in n the film and television industry, even working actors rarely get to live through an entire scene. Until an actor is at the top of their profession, acting opportunities often consist of unfulfilling small vignettes. So a good Scene Study class is your best opportunity to flex your acting muscles and refine your craft on a consistent basis. Often “On Camera” classes uses the small, unchallenging material of smaller roles, but at EMAS we allow actors to explore really dramatic, emotionally engaging, character driven scenes and then learn how to translate that energetic performance to on-camera without losing any of it’s core intensity.

This Scene Study class is for actors with prior training and/or significant professional experience. The class is designed to help actors harness their technique to use towards performance. It is an opportunity to keep acquired skills sharp, as well as learn new techniques. Students will be filmed in many of the classes to really see how to translate their core acting choices to Film and Television.

Class size is limited to 12.


EMAS understands that actors at this level have busy lives and careers, however Ms. Mestnik requires that this class be a priority. Subsequently, she is very strict about class attendance and work outside of class. Outside rehearsals are mandatory and ANY missed classes must be made up in a private tutorial, as students rely on their partner’s attendance to be able to work in class. Private sessions are $75.


Admittance to the EMAS Scene Study class is by invitation OR audition/interview only. The audition will require a short (1-2 minute) monologue. Any genre is acceptable.
To reserve a spot in the class a security deposit of $200 is required. This deposit is not refundable if the student decides not to take the class. Once this deposit is received, the student is guaranteed a spot in the class.

Class Schedule:

Wednesdays 2:30 – 6:30pm Session begins September 11th, 2013


7600 Melrose Avenue, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90046.


$595 for a 14-week session. $200 deposit required to hold your spot. $200 due on October 2nd and final payment of $195 due on November 6th.

Elizabeth Mestnik and Victor Villar-Hauser
323-528-6280 or [email protected] with any questions or to set up an audition.