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Acting Foundations Class Starting Sep 20th

A professional class for beginning actors

This technique class is for the beginning acting student who wants to invest in his/her craft to become a well skilled, exciting actor. This demanding but fun 11-class workshop serves as an overview of the required skills needed to enter the acting profession including:

Imagination work
Character development
Physical and Vocal Development
Scene Study

When: Thursdays at 7:00pm
Start Date: September 20th, 2012
Admission: Register on line here!
Contact: 323-528-6280

The goal of this class is to develop a comprehensive set of “acting tools” to draw upon when approaching a role or a scene. Students will acquire confidence, self-awareness, a strong creative spirit and professional work ethic. All the traits needed for an acting career.

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The great strength of Meisner Training is that it gives you a clear, step-by-step approach to the craft of acting that allows complete freedom of expression and confidence in your abilities. In EMAS’ Meisner Technique program, we teach The Meisner Technique, period.

Visit Our Meisner Page for more information and contact Elizabeth Mestnik for an interview.

Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio
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Los Angeles, CA 90046
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Physical Voice Workshop – Time is Running Out

What you say, and how you speak convey two different meanings.

The upcoming physical voice class at the Elizabeth Mestnik studio of LA, delves deep into voice training, to help actors and actresses nail the character being played.

On another note, procrastination can sure place a dent on many an actor’s career. This summer, with just a few days and 3 spots left, serious-about-success actors and actresses can take advantage of the upcoming voice workshop.

The class runs between July 5th and August 6th,  every week, with the full schedule and tuition accessible here.

The workshop is ideal for pairing with the Summer Meisner Technique Intensive. However, as an independent course, it can do wonders to how a message is portrayed – with one’s voice alone.

Acting coach Elizabeth Mestnik, has trained numerous actors successfully for voice, Meisner, the scene study, and a slew of other acting techniques.

The voice workshop is ideal for both voice and stage actors, as students learn voice techniques to master a message.

The Benefits of The Physical Voice Workshop at EmasLa:

  • Excellent credentials
  • Work with an acting coach who inspires creativity
  • Honest and constructive advice

Cost and times for the Physical Voice Workshop is available here.

Only 3 Spots Left For The Meisner Summer Intensive Program!

With only three spots left, and just a few short days for classes to begin, which vying actors out there will take a big step on the road to improvement?

The Meisner technique is one of the most sought-after skills in the acting industry today. This is because it helps to convey the true character that an actor is playing.

Bringing words to life from a script, and in the original way an author wants it to be, is by no means an easy task. With the Summer Meisner Technique Intensive school, this skill becomes much like second nature, through a series of role playing, as well as coaching from lead director, Elizabeth Mestnik herself.

The Benefits of the Summer Meisner Technique Intensive include:

  • Train with a top acting director
  • Get intensive training in the Meisner technique
  • Learn how to get into character, without any hitches
  • Learn about self-analysis to improve upon current acting skills
  • Pair with the voice training classes for maximum benefits

Ultimately, students learn the Meisner technique in the original form – the way that Sanford Meisner, the originator, invented this acting technique.

There’s also an opportunity to extend the course for the two-year program (beginning in fall).

Readers of this post who are interested in registering, should do so as soon as possible. The cutoff date is July 5th, with only Session A being available:

The days and times are Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m.; and Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. The program runs between July 5th to August 6th.

Full commitment is needed by all students. In addition, prospective students must first arrange an interview with the Emasla’s director, before enrollment. Tuition prices and other details can be found here.

Our studio’s string of excellence can be attested by former students, and also industry experts in the area. See what past students are saying about the benefits of training at Emasla here.

In addition, students can phone us at 323-528-6280, or visit us at 7600 Melrose Unit J, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Lastly, the tally is up to only three spots. Opportunity waits on no man. Call or book now.

The Physical Voice with Paul Boehmer

July 9, 16, 23 & 30, 2012

Combining the ideas of Fitzmaurice vocal work and Physical Dynamics, this workshop is geared to help in important areas of an actor’s development.

“One of the best and most freeing voice classes I’ve ever experienced. Paul is a master teacher”
Richard B.

What it does:

Physicality: we develop awareness of patterns of vocal effort or blocks through a series of gentle and/or rigorous exercises.

Breath: we explore the central role that breathing plays in both vocal production and the inspired imagination.

Vocal Quality: we cultivate the ability to accurately communicate our thoughts and feelings while meeting the demands of text.

Practical Results: we reduce strain in the voice, increase vocal range and expressivity, make speech easy and clear, allowing creativity to flow.

When: Mondays 7 – 9pm

Where: EMAS

7600 Melrose Avenue, LA 90046

Cost: $170 for 4 classes

Contact: 323-528-6280

***Highly recommended for those in the 2-year Meisner Training Program***
This class is a magnificent way to make sure that your instrument is able to do all it is required to do when working on emotionally charged scenes. It helps the actor to work through physical and emotional blocks while also helping them understand the way breath and language can help tell the story, develop a character and engage the audience.
or for more information Call 323-528-6280

To learn more about the Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio
EMAS is the recommended training program for
NBC’s Talent Development Initiative.

Giving An Audience A Tear-Jerk Reaction

How can the art of audience engagement be achieved?

This can be done by studying the character being played, and acting as if you’re living in those circumstances.

Hearing an audience’s reaction shows how well the script was written, and how well the actors mastered the emotions of the characters involved.

How can you keep audiences on their toes in a series of tension, then relief?

If you think that only seasoned actors can master this. Think again. Everyone and every actor starts from somewhere. Many actors shape their skills in acting with different techniques, and one solid starting point is the  Meisner technique.

The Meisner technique can be adapted for both film and on-stage performances. An acting studio will teach the significant differences in both spheres. Also, what if it were a one man show? Would you be able to capture differing voices in one single act? Through a series of training, the Meisner technique ultimately showcases how to master acting into  different settings, by being fearless with your imagination and emotions.

We all know that acting is an art form, and a skill that involves much passion. So how can your message be delivered in the best way?


Through improvisation  and capturing believable emotions, one can convey the message in stunning fashion, to allow viewers to feel the same emotions that you are acting out.

How to Train for the Meisner Technique

Get Meisner trained with the summer intensive Meisner series at Emasla.

The summer class can be thought of like a workout session, whereby the muscles of acting are trained and built up, to be the most show-worthy after a series of training.

Following the summer program, actors can then choose to continue the extended two year Meisner training. Flexible schedules are offered, to include day and night classes.

How To Make The Meisner Technique Second Nature?

It’s no secret that the Meisner technique allows actors to express themselves on the stage more professionally. To get the gist of technique, one thing’s required: practice.

This practice is much more effective if there’s a trained director providing feedback, and the trainee is interacting with other actors in the process.

The good news?

The  Meisner technique training is offered by many acting schools within California. However, there are only just a handful of them that train using the pure Meisner technique.

Emasla is one of them.

This summer, the course is offered to provide actors and actresses with intense Meisner training. Plus if you think summer has already started and it’s too late to join, there’s still time. Classes run between July 5th to August 6th.

Meisner acting is an invaluable skill for serious actors. The benefits include:

  • Understanding the character more in-depth
  • Capturing the true and desired emotions of the character
  • Making scripts come to life – real life
  • The technique, helps actors to live in the moment of acting

Apart from these benefits, why’s it a good decision to learn the technique? The first answer to this question is that most job searches require prospects to master the Meisner technique. Second to that, it’s one of the best ways to learn how to really get into character. And this notion is backed by most acting schools across the nation.

The master – Sanford Meisner is well revered in theater, and he purported the belief that the solitary tool that would be needed for acting success is the actor himself. Now, Emasla teaches acting students how to utilize their own bodies, voice and mind to be the best actor or actress they can be, with once again – practice.

Emasla’s Background:

The acting studio in LA is known for a commitment to excellence. This is both from  the lessons learned, and the performances expected from students. Lead director, Elisabeth Mestnik, received training in New York, the city where the Meisner technique all started.

Now in LA, the studio is one of the best to be found, recommended by the NBC, and home to some of the best new actors on the block.

Join Emasla for the summer intensive Meisner program. More info to be found here.

Get the whole act. Interviews are being held now.

Acting Coaches That Push Students To A Higher Level of Awareness

In pursuing any class, students will always remember the teacher who made the extra effort to help them reach their full potential.

Whether you’re innately self-motivated or need someone to cheer you on, it helps to have direction that takes an ordinary talent and transforms it into the extraordinary. This is what the Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio does for all of its students. Not just a select few.  Rather than sailing through on a passing grade, all students are expected to commit to excellence – each and every day of class.

The main course offered is the Meisner Technique, which in itself guides students on a roller coaster of emotions to get into character. The program is currently offered for this summer, and also for an extended two year course, with additional voice training electives.

Key Advantages of EMASLA Include:

  • The Service – In a rigorous series of prep and classes, students will be drilled into learning through engagement, rather than sitting on a bench.
  • The Values – instilled in each student that attends, are standards that can be translated on the set of auditions and shoots.

Student who are ready for a challenge and those who want to push themselves to the limits of excellence can find the coaching  needed to make this a reality at Emasla. Most students will express that the EMAS LA studio won’t tiptoe around the truth or provide false feedback. Constructive critiques are a given, in every class to help students do better in future performances.

And for those who are new to the world of acting and are wondering –the Meisner technique is a must-do training course for actors in Hollywood.

Finally, the Meisner training received at Emasla is taught in the original form, without mixture of other influences or techniques.

Living Truthfully in Imaginary Circumstances

“Living truthfully in imaginary circumstances” –  this is the best way to describe what the Meisner technique does for a professional actor. In the words of the students of Emasla, this is what the studio lives and breathes in its classes.

The Emasla studio is a professional actor’s training school in the heart of LA, run by lead director, Elizabeth Mestnik. Elizabeth received training for the technique in New York, where it all started in its natural form.

More About The Meisner Technique:

The Meisner technique separates a mediocre performance from an ingenious act. Elizabeth shows you how. Students have all expressed very positive reviews about the studio. It’s one of those places that isn’t only educational, but excels in the team spirit as well.

The Meisner Technique carries students on a journey of self-discovery to be much better actors or actresses  than what they themselves thought they could ever be capable of. This is done through a series of:

  • Class Preps – discussions, run-throughs and introductions are given about the purpose of the exercise and what should be anticipated.
  • Rehearsals – student actors work one-on-one with the director herself, as well as with other students to help get into character.
  • Repetition – in the Meisner technique, shows how with a series of  reiterations, the real actor’s voice and feelings will finally echo through every fiber of  one’s being. This brings actors the awareness needed to really get into character, and as stated earlier, living candidly in a fantasy, as if you’re almost there. You sense what the person you’re playing  feels and by doing so express this more easily through your voice and body movements.
  • Voice Training – can also be enrolled in as an optional course, which goes hand in hand with the Meisner technique.

When you decide to sign up for the Meisner training, in the summer program, or in the two-year course, think of the training as a body building course for your mental muscles. Each new Meisner technique class helps to get actors and actresses in the best shape possible for a challenging career.

Overall, students leave the studio in well-rounded shape to perform in a diverse array of acting scenes.