Free Online Actor’s Drop-In Classes

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Please Note our regular free drop in sessions have been temporarily suspended as we try to determine how to offer the most effective support for our community of actors. However, we encourage you to sign up to the email list below so that we can notify you of new sessions and get feedback from you about what you would find helpful.
EMAS wants to help you heal, create and stay on your artistic journey. Join us Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays for our free “Actor’s Drop-In” – a variety of 45 minute sessions from our staff and EMAS extended family.
 From physical warm ups, to cold reading exercises  to seminars on stage combat, we will keep your head in the game and your skills sharp.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Interested in structured online acting classes? Check out our registration page to see our available classes.

How to Join
  • Download the Zoom application to your device. A paid version is not necessary. There are several options, but the most common is “Zoom Client for Meetings” found here.
    • If you’re unable to install successfully, you will receive a meeting invitation at the time of the session which also includes an automatic download.
  • Sign up below with the email that you can be contacted at with your invitation.
    • On sign up, please be sure to click the link in the confirmation email to allow us to send session invitations