Movement Program

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Great actor training focuses on the whole instrument: voice, mind, heart, and body. There is an intimate relationship between the emotional life of an actor and their physical expression.

EMAS offers a movement program that is designed to develop the actor’s physicality. It will release the constrictions of the actor’s instrument and free the actor’s emotional life; to move away from pedestrian, every day, socialized behavior and to embody a more truthful, expansive, and unbridled expression.

Students will explore where tension is held in the body and how the body responds when it is emotionally alive. Simultaneously, students will be building a sense of grace, alignment, flexibility, strength, stamina, and vulnerability. The goal is to effortlessly apply these principles to making clear physical choices in the acting work, and begin to understand themselves and their bodies in a vivid, authentic way.
Movement for Actors classes start every fall and spring.


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