Speech for Actors

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Great Speech and understanding of the Voice is as important as ever for the professional actor.  This is something British Actors understand fully, and what often gives them a competitive edge in this competitive business.   

This acting class is designed to promote the development of a richer, stronger, and more versatile speaking voice. Actors who can clearly communicate as well as envelop the specific speech of the character offer casting directors a specific view of your interpretation and abilities as well as create a much more profound experience for the audience.

In this class, students will:

  • Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) 
  • Develop a healthy release of jaw, tongue, soft palate and throat tension.  
  • Gain awareness of their own personal accents, and regionalisms
  • Understand how sounds are the building blocks of language and the couriers of emotion
  • Explore sound beyond their habitual speech and gain a neutral American sound.
  • Fine-tune their ability to hear and identify subtle variations in sounds and dialects and adjust their speech to the particular demands of a wide range of characters.
  • Learn how to write in IPA to develop accents.


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