Meisner Technique

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“The truth of ourselves is the root of our acting.”
– Sanford Meisner

The Meisner Technique is widely recognized as one of the most effective acting techniques taught today. it gives actors the building blocks to become emotionally alive actors of depth, imagination and truth. The great strength of Meisner Training is that it is a clear, step-by-step approach to the craft of acting. It develops complete freedom of expression and confidence in your abilities. The EMAS Meisner Technique is a traditional Meisner program, not a hybrid. We follow the syllabus that Sandy Meisner developed.

The Meisner Technique works for theater, film or television because it demands the actor to be completely truthful.  Our expertise is in helping actors use the Meisner Technique to connect in a far more truthful and meaningful way to themselves, their acting partners, their imagination, the text, and the circumstances demanded by the script.

Charles Michael Davis “I worked in every class – and my best was demanded every class.  The program is so challenging that it has really helped me handle the demands of working on set or location.  Set seems easy compared to what we did at EMAS!”

Charles Michael Davis  – Marcel on The Originals


The summer intensive is a tremendous opportunity to experience the beginning steps of Meisner based training in a professional environment. It’s purpose it to give student actors an exposure to the philosophies as well as the structure of this demanding yet dynamic process. Meisner’s step-by-step approach gets actors to work truthfully from their impulses, from their talent, not from their intellect.
These beginning steps lay the foundation for an actor’s ability to be truthful, brave and imaginative in his work. Each exercise builds upon the previous exercise and in this way the actor develops a dependable process to their acting. They learn how to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”
The summer intensive is a month-long course that meets three days a week for three hours. There is mandatory outside rehearsals. Sessions are scheduled both in the morning and evenings to accommodate scheduling conflicts. Attendance is mandatory and professionalism will be expected.
Interviews for the Summer Intensive are ongoing. There is no deadline, however, once classes are full we will continue to hold interviews for a wait list. The earlier you interview, the more likely there will be availability for a spot in a class.


The first year is dedicated to you learning who you are and bringing that self-knowledge to your craft.  To be a great actor you absolutely must know yourself.  For that reason the first year is a personal journey.  Learning where your passions lie, and where your defenses creep in. Growth as an actor doesn’t happen without growth as a person.  It can be an intimidating idea, but it will be some of the most fulfilling work of your lifetime.

You will be introduced to the fundamentals of acting through improvisational exercises that gradually become more challenging. You develop skills such as listening and emotional availability, working moment to moment to create the sense of spontaneity that is necessary to all great acting. You will know how to work instinctively, not intellectually. The best actors work from impulse, one unanticipated moment to another. As the year progresses with the Meisner Technique Acting Class, you will be introduced to the ideas of relationship and objective. Your emotional range will continue to increase and your ability to use your imagination fully and specifically will strengthen. This technique can take your acting beyond what you ever thought possible! By the end of the first year, if you have applied yourself diligently and passionately, you will have developed a strong sense of your uniqueness, and know exactly how to use it to create emotionally truthful, imaginative and exciting performances. It is at this point that you may be invited to study the second year work.


If the first year is about finding the truthfulness of you in the imaginary circumstances, then the second year is about creating characters different from yourself, and having them be just as honest, impulsive and interesting.  The second year introduces Character Development, Script Analysis, Voice and Movement as well as On-Camera and auditioning technique. If the first year is learning the steps, the second year is when you get to DANCE!

William Esper“Elizabeth is a first rate and versatile teacher. She has a mind that conceptualizes, a clear method and vocabulary that leads others to bring their ideas to light. She possesses an unusual combination of qualities, charming and intelligent. I cannot say enough good things about her.”

William Esper – Sanford Meisner’s Associate for 15 years, Head of Esper Studios in NYC,director of the Professional Actor Training Program at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University and author of The Actor’s Art and Craft


Although the Meisner Technique was originally developed for stage actors, it has quickly become the technique of choice in Los Angeles… for one simple reason. The ability to improvise with a memorized text is critical on camera, where improvisation, not rehearsal, is important. Only in theater do you have weeks of rehearsal. In film and television, an actor must be able to relate to the circumstances, personalize the character, memorize the lines…and GO! The Meisner Technique makes that second nature.


The EMAS Meisner Technique Program is only for the serious student actor. You must be dedicated to yourself as an artist; committed to your own growth and development, and diligent about mastering the craft of acting.

Classes meet between 3 and 4 hours twice a week.

Rehearsals outside of class are mandatory between classes.

You will find this work to be one of the most challenging, demanding, and inspiring undertakings of your artistic life. But the success of the technique, and ultimately of the class is dependent upon each student bringing his or her best to each and every class. That is what will be expected of you.


Admission to the studio is through a personal interview.

Summer Intensive:  Interviews begin in March
Fall Program:  Interviews begin in May
Winter Program: Interviews begin in October
Call 323-528-6280 or Contact Us.

Classes are limited in size to promote the individual growth, development, and uniqueness of each actor. For that reason a non-refundable deposit is required when registering for these programs. All those individuals who are inspired to train at the highest level in an extraordinarily nurturing, creative environment are encouraged to apply for admission.

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