Fitzmaurice® Voice Workshops and Classes

fitzmaurice voice exercises for actors

An actor is limited only by the range of his or her instrument.  This instrument includes the voice, body, breath and emotional accessibility. This allows students in our professional acting program to add conservatory level voice training to their curriculum. The Fitzmaurice Technique is designed to let your body and voice work with freedom and full expression to access your creativity and emotional range.  This class specifically addresses:

Developing awareness of your vocal blocks through rigorous exercises.

Exploring the central role breathing plays in vocal production and creativity.

Vocal Quality:
Cultivating the ability to effectively communicate our thoughts and feelings while meeting the demands of the script’s text.

Reducing strain on the voice, increasing vocal range and expressivity, making speech easy and clear, allowing creativity to flow.

Fitzmaurice Voicework helps the actor develop a vibrant voice that can communicate expressively and powerfully without excess effort. The work encourages the integration of voice with body, breath, imagination, emotion, language, and presence.  When an actor’s voice is well trained, the actor can connect deeply to the material, expand the possible choices for the character while all the time being clearly understood.