Meisner 1

The first year is dedicated to you learning who you are and bringing that self-knowledge to your craft. To be a great actor you absolutely must know yourself. For that reason, the first year is a personal journey. Learning where your passions lie, and where your defenses creep in. Growth as an actor doesn’t happen without growth as a person. It can be an intimidating idea, but it will be some of the most fulfilling work of your lifetime. Please note that to apply to In-Person classes, students must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

You will be introduced to the fundamentals of acting through improvisational exercises that gradually become more challenging. You develop skills such as listening, emotional availability, & working moment. You will know how to work instinctively, not intellectually. As the year progresses with the Meisner Technique Acting Class, you will be introduced to the ideas of relationship and objective. Your emotional range will continue to increase and your ability to apply your imagination fully and specifically to a scene will strengthen. By the end of the first year, if you have applied yourself diligently and passionately, you will have developed a strong sense of your uniqueness, and know exactly how to use it to create emotionally truthful, imaginative and exciting performances.


FALL 2021

Meisner Technique Year 1 Class Schedule:

September 13 2021 – June 9, 2022

Mondays and Thursdays 10am – 1pm

Location: Two Roads Theatre: 4348 Tujunga Ave, Studio City

Tuition: The cost of the entire 9-month program is $2885. To enroll we must receive a non-refundable registration fee of $485. The remaining tuition will be paid in 8 monthly installments of $300 due on the first class of every month. This includes tickets to 2 mandatory field trips to see plays. Dates for these field trips are TBA. Please note that the deposit is NOT refundable should the student not complete the program.

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