Summer Meisner Intensive

June 26 - August 1, 2017

Summer Intensive students begin to cultivate core acting skills, including deep listening, the ability to truthfully respond, and opening themselves up to be able to express themselves fully under any conceivable imaginary circumstance. It gives a full exposure to the philosophies as well as the structure of this demanding yet dynamic technique.

We seek students who are committed to being the best actor they can be, and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals of personal and artistic integrity. Enrollment in the Summer Intensive is the best way to try out the technique and our studio before committing to a 9-month or 2 year program. Tuition fee of The Summer Intensive is $640.00

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July 10 - August 28, 2017 10am - 1pm

The Meisner Brush Up is an 8-week class that will help students get back on their impulses and taking the big emotional risks involved in the advanced exercises. The syllabus will really work those skills of listening and taking things personally, crafting for the highest stakes, as well as impediment and point of view work. It’s quite an adrenaline rush! Invaluable for reminding you why you want to be an actor, why you want to live through another person's story, why the work is worth it!

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On-Camera Commercial Acting Technique – Level 1

June 11 - July 9 10am

In this extensive Workshop, we will cover slating, one-liners and spokesperson/monologue copy. You will learn how to navigate the oftentimes confusing world of callbacks as well as touching on auditions that suggest or allow using improvisational skills as well as a complete overview of the casting process from both in front of and behind the camera. All work is done ON CAMERA. Students' scenes will be recorded and made available for download via Dropbox.

Students go behind the scenes of the entire casting process --from slating to booking-- and make sure they know how to successfully navigate the auditioning world as a professional, working actor.

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Summer Fitzmaurice Voice Class

This class helps the actor develop a vibrant voice that can communicate expressively and powerfully without excess effort. The work encourages the integration of voice with body, breath, imagination, emotion, language, and presence.

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Request Private Coaching

If you need coaching for an audition or a part, our faculty of teachers are happy to help.

Ken Weiner, Sandy Egan, Michael Yurchak, Jordana Oberman, Diana Jellinek or Elizabeth Mestnik.  Please let us know who you are requesting and your availability.  We will do our best to find a time for you to meet with the coach of your choice.  Rates range from $100 - $125/hour


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Meisner Monthly Payments

2016 - 2017

Current Meisner Students can make their monthly installments here:  Or you can give $100 towards a loved one's training!

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