June 25 - July 31, 2018


The summer intensive is a tremendous opportunity to experience the beginning steps of Meisner based training in a professional environment. It’s purpose it to give student actors an exposure to the philosophies as well as the structure of this demanding yet dynamic process. Meisner’s step-by-step approach gets actors to work truthfully from their impulses, from their talent, not from their intellect.

These beginning steps lay the foundation for an actor’s ability to be truthful, brave and imaginative in his work. Each exercise builds upon the previous exercise and in this way the actor develops a dependable process to their acting. They learn how to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”

Interviews for the 2018 Summer Intensive are ongoing. There is no deadline, however, once classes are full we will continue to hold interviews for a wait list. The earlier you interview, the more likely there will be availability for a spot in a class.

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Meisner Brush Up

July 9-August 27


An 8-week class that will help you get back on your impulses and taking those big emotional risks that you were doing by the end of your Meisner training. The syllabus will really work those skills of listening and taking things personally, crafting for the highest stakes, and impediment and POV work. It has been developed understanding that the world of auditioning can shrink your range, and this class is here to help you swing for the fences and live through the big, juicy stuff. We’re not training you to bunt; we want you swinging for the fences!

Mondays 7pm July 9 - August 27
$395 for 8 classes

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Performing the Song –

July 11 - August 15, 2018

Performing the Song: Musical Theater it’s not just for Theatre Anymore!

Musical theater isn’t what it used to be. Arguably, it’s better. The genre is expanding and refining, and the landscape of musicals have changed so rapidly that new and exciting opportunities are opening up all over the creative world, including on Television and Film (think LaLa Land and My Crazy Ex Girlfriend). Tony Award winner Chris Bensinger helps singers tell the story of a song more effectively. In class, participants perform their songs with an in-house accompanist. In an incredibly supportive environment, Chris uses acting exercises to free up the performer and lead them towards more simple and relaxed expression. The tools will improve your technique, increase your expressiveness, clarify your story telling, and increase your confidence as well.

Wednesdays at 7pm July 11 - August 15, 2018
$365 for 6 classes

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Request Private Coaching

If you need coaching for an audition or a part, our faculty of teachers are happy to help.

Ken Weiner, Sandy Egan, Michael Yurchak, Jordana Oberman, Diana Jellinek or Elizabeth Mestnik.  Please let us know who you are requesting and your availability.  We will do our best to find a time for you to meet with the coach of your choice.  Rates range from $100 - $125/hour


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January 2018

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Shakespeare 2 – Production Workshop

May 6 - June 24

Admission to this class is by invitation only.

In this workshop geared towards a full production of Comedy of Errors, actors will explore, in depth, one of Shakespeare’s earliest and funniest comedies. Focus on developing ensemble, advanced text analysis, creating character, physical comedy, and the elements of farce will be emphasized.

This is an opportunity for actors to engage the entire creative process in development of a fully realized, farcical Shakespearean character for performance.

Actors will be pre-cast and expected to commit fully to the production with minimum to no absences. Full attendance to all classes and rehearsals is expected unless otherwise noted by director.

Class dates: Sundays, 5-9pm, May 6-Jun 24

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