Take the Next Step in 2020

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“When actors need to push to the next level, they sign on with a teacher like Elizabeth Mestnik”
-LA Times

Are you ready to take your craft to the next level? We’re excited to be there on that journey with you as you take that step.
Enrollment and interviews for our January 2020 courses is now open:

Winter Meisner Technique – January 8th – August 7th

Our core Meisner program is dedicated to you learning who you are and bringing that self-knowledge to your craft.  To be a great actor you absolutely must know yourself.  For that reason, the first year is a personal journey.  Learning where your passions lie, and where your defenses creep in. Growth as an actor doesn’t happen without growth as a person.  It can be an intimidating idea, but it will be some of the most fulfilling work of your lifetime.

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Acting Foundations – January 6thth – March 16th

A beginning acting class. Acting Foundations is an overview class that puts all four major skill sets to work:

  • Access the creative imagination
  • Break down a script
  • Create a truthful character
  • Master a strong and flexible body and voice

It is an excellent diagnostic class to let students know how advanced or remedial their skill set is. It allows the actor to assess his or her strengths and weaknesses and rehearse the techniques acquired in previous acting classes.

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The Character – January 8th – March 25

A beginning acting class. The character gives actors exercises and techniques using both research and imagination to create dynamic, truthful and emotionally alive characters. Actors learn how to place these characters into living relationships and then take the words off of the page and bring them to life in a scene.

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