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How To Make The Meisner Technique Second Nature?

It’s no secret that the Meisner technique allows actors to express themselves on the stage more professionally. To get the gist of technique, one thing’s required: practice.

This practice is much more effective if there’s a trained director providing feedback, and the trainee is interacting with other actors in the process.

The good news?

The  Meisner technique training is offered by many acting schools within California. However, there are only just a handful of them that train using the pure Meisner technique.

Emasla is one of them.

This summer, the course is offered to provide actors and actresses with intense Meisner training. Plus if you think summer has already started and it’s too late to join, there’s still time. Classes run between July 5th to August 6th.

Meisner acting is an invaluable skill for serious actors. The benefits include:

  • Understanding the character more in-depth
  • Capturing the true and desired emotions of the character
  • Making scripts come to life – real life
  • The technique, helps actors to live in the moment of acting

Apart from these benefits, why’s it a good decision to learn the technique? The first answer to this question is that most job searches require prospects to master the Meisner technique. Second to that, it’s one of the best ways to learn how to really get into character. And this notion is backed by most acting schools across the nation.

The master – Sanford Meisner is well revered in theater, and he purported the belief that the solitary tool that would be needed for acting success is the actor himself. Now, Emasla teaches acting students how to utilize their own bodies, voice and mind to be the best actor or actress they can be, with once again – practice.

Emasla’s Background:

The acting studio in LA is known for a commitment to excellence. This is both from  the lessons learned, and the performances expected from students. Lead director, Elisabeth Mestnik, received training in New York, the city where the Meisner technique all started.

Now in LA, the studio is one of the best to be found, recommended by the NBC, and home to some of the best new actors on the block.

Join Emasla for the summer intensive Meisner program. More info to be found here.

Get the whole act. Interviews are being held now.

Top LA Acting Schools for the Meisner Technique

Acting schools of the highest caliber are desired by all serious actors and actresses, who want to compete for the best roles, and stand a good chance at securing them based on skills learned.

Acting schools like Emasla, are known for coaching renowned acting techniques like the Meisner technique.

Programs are now available for summer, with a comprehensive training that consists of four weeks at three times per week. Students will have to dedicate three hours for each session. The summer Meisner technique is a surefire way to see whether you’d like to enroll in the year or two-year training Meisner program.

The extended Meisner programs are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced level actors,  who want to really hone their skills with this in-demand acting technique. The requirements for this program include an interview with Emasla’s lead director, Elisabeth Mestnik, who received her training in the city of theater, New York.

There is certainly no shortage of acting schools in the Los Angeles area, but it’s only in a select few that you will find lessons like the Meisner technique being taught in its purest form, and not just a derivative or combination of other acting methods.

Many A-list actors and actresses had their feet in the industry through this very exercise, and many producers and directors are now requesting prospects who are trained in the Meisner technique.

If you’re interested about learning more about Emasla, in regards to training for the Meisner technique, click here, for class times, tuition and requirements.