Living Truthfully in Imaginary Circumstances

“Living truthfully in imaginary circumstances” –  this is the best way to describe what the Meisner technique does for a professional actor. In the words of the students of Emasla, this is what the studio lives and breathes in its classes.

The Emasla studio is a professional actor’s training school in the heart of LA, run by lead director, Elizabeth Mestnik. Elizabeth received training for the technique in New York, where it all started in its natural form.

More About The Meisner Technique:

The Meisner technique separates a mediocre performance from an ingenious act. Elizabeth shows you how. Students have all expressed very positive reviews about the studio. It’s one of those places that isn’t only educational, but excels in the team spirit as well.

The Meisner Technique carries students on a journey of self-discovery to be much better actors or actresses  than what they themselves thought they could ever be capable of. This is done through a series of:

  • Class Preps – discussions, run-throughs and introductions are given about the purpose of the exercise and what should be anticipated.
  • Rehearsals – student actors work one-on-one with the director herself, as well as with other students to help get into character.
  • Repetition – in the Meisner technique, shows how with a series of  reiterations, the real actor’s voice and feelings will finally echo through every fiber of  one’s being. This brings actors the awareness needed to really get into character, and as stated earlier, living candidly in a fantasy, as if you’re almost there. You sense what the person you’re playing  feels and by doing so express this more easily through your voice and body movements.
  • Voice Training – can also be enrolled in as an optional course, which goes hand in hand with the Meisner technique.

When you decide to sign up for the Meisner training, in the summer program, or in the two-year course, think of the training as a body building course for your mental muscles. Each new Meisner technique class helps to get actors and actresses in the best shape possible for a challenging career.

Overall, students leave the studio in well-rounded shape to perform in a diverse array of acting scenes.