Online Acting Classes

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We hope you are all safe and as well.
Similar to everyone else, we are feeling our way through this tumultuous time and doing our best to determine how we can be of value to our families, staff members, students and friends.
It’s our sincere belief that holding on to the things that sustain us is an essential component of not only surviving but growing through difficult times.
Note: For the moment, we’re pausing our regularly scheduled free Virtual Actor’s Drop-in sessions. However, please feel free to sign up to our email list so that we can notify you when we believe we have a free class that can be offered effectively on virtual platform.

ONLINE ACTING COURSE OFFERINGS: While our in-person classes are cancelled, we’re designing selected classes that focus on skills that can be honed in an online class format, including script break downs and monologues. Please visit our registration page if you’re interested in checking out our online offerings.

Elizabeth Mestnik Portrait PhotoIf you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us by email or phone. We’re happy to discuss the best way forward.

Take care and be well,

Elizabeth Mestnik, Director EMAS