Meisner Intensive

The summer intensive is a 5-week program that meets 3 times a week to really immerse students in the process and philosophy of the Meisner Technique. It is a tremendous opportunity to experience the beginning steps of Meisner based training in a professional environment.

Meisner’s step-by-step approach develop the actor’s concentration and strengthen the actor’s instrument to be both responsive and expressive within the imaginary circumstances. The technique creates a more specific, skilled, and authentic actor with an organic, spontaneous, and disciplined instrument.

These beginning steps lay the foundation for an actor’s ability to be truthful, brave and imaginative in his work. Each exercise builds upon the previous exercise and in this way the actor develops a dependable process to their acting.

The summer intensive is an excellent way for students to see if training professionally in this way is for them. There are mandatory outside rehearsals. Attendance is mandatory and professionalism will be expected.

Interviews for the Summer Intensive are ongoing. There is no deadline, however, once classes are full we will continue to hold interviews for a waitlist. The earlier you interview, the more likely there will be availability for a spot in a class.

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