Meisner Brush Up

Meisner Brush Up is offered every summer. It’s an 8-week class available to anyone who has completed a full 2-year Meisner Training Program. It’s goal is to get you back on your impulses and taking those big emotional risks that you were doing in the advanced Meisner Technique work. The syllabus will really work those skills of listening and taking things personally, crafting for the highest stakes, as well as script justifications and character work. You know, all the work that really made you feel like you could conquer anything.

We developed this program because we know how invaluable the tools you developed during your technique training are, and how gloriously unpredictable it is to take off the mask and really be with another human being in the moment through the entire span of emotional circumstances. It has been built understanding that the world of auditioning can sometimes shrink your range and this is here to help you really swing for the fences and connect to your artistic potential.

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