Acting For Beginners – Online

This 8-week online course is perfect for those who have little or no prior acting experience. We discovered that most beginning acting classes are scene study classes, where students who have never acted before are given a scene, told to perform it, and then critiqued. That is like someone who wants to dance going to ballet class the first day – told to dance Swan Lake and then told how to do the steps afterwards. It just doesn’t make much sense to us. Acting, contrary to popular belief, does have a finite number of concrete and learnable skills. In this class you will learn how
actors train, get familiar with the vocabulary, find out your own strengths and weaknesses and learn some valuable techniques and gain insight into the acting industry. This overview class will explore:

  • Creative Accessibility
  • Truthful Character Development
  • Script Reading
  • Instrument work

These are the main skill sets all actors need to be great at their craft. If after taking this class you decide you do want to train professionally, you can apply for our Professional Meisner Training Program.


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