Commercial Acting 101 April 17, 24, May 1 and 8


Commercial Acting 101 (101 Things You Need To Know Before Your Audition) taught by commercial veteran Bill Coelius, is the product of his experience acting in over 35 national commercials, and auditioning on a weekly basis in today’s market. From slate to set, Bill shares a carefully crafted game plan that will help you book and shoot that national commercial. Bill presents a myriad of skills, strategies and trade secrets that will turn your beliefs about yourself and the industry inside-out. Commercial Acting 101 covers everything from a review of basic skills such as slating, sign-in, and making copy your own, to the hidden rules of auditioning, creating confidence, and the secrets of on-set behavior.

Class 1:
The Importance of the “Slate”: how to book the job in the first 10 seconds.

Class 2:
Understanding what the client wants: How to break down the commercial copy.

Class 3:
The Direct Pitch: How to sell the product directly to the camera.

Class 4:
The Art of the Callback: Learning to take adjustments and owning the room through simulated auditions.

WHEN: Wednesdays at 7pm
DATES: April 17, 24, May 1 and 8
WHERE: 11423 Moorpark St. Los Angeles, CA 91604 United States
COST: $180
CONTACT: 323-528-6280 or

Acting Classes for Business Professionals

Many established business professionals come to our studio with one objective, this is switching
careers to acting. If you were contacted about an acting opportunity, or long to build your own
doors to acting, come to Emasla.

Our experienced acting coaches teach beginner to master level acting classes.

With practice, commitment, and the mentorship of an acting trainer, specialists in business
are able to professionally act. In fact, many of the smarts you’ve exercised in business can be
applied to acting too. The industry demands quick thinking actors who solve scenes quickly.


Acting classes for non-actors
Build upon new skills with tiered programs
Flexible times for working professionals
Central location in Los Angeles

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Acting Classes in LA

Private Acting Classes in LA

Do you need to take your acting skills to the next level? Get personalized one-on-one training
with the faculty of EMAS. Take a look at our site and who we are, and get in touch with us by email or the the “Private Coaching” section of our registration page. We’ll do our best to pair you with the teacher that meets your goals and try to accommodate your desired schedule.



Affordable classes leave you with maximum learning experiences

Build upon skills, muscle-upon-muscle until techniques are mastered

Get constructive criticism to move forward in the right direction

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Acting Classes in LA

Beginning Acting Classes

Any journey begins with one small step. A successful actor’s journey starts with a passion, is further enhanced by training, and then finalized by a winning drive. If you’re envisioning a string of roles in acting, it’s time to begin with the basics:

Enroll in basic technique series, which teaches students to think creatively, how to analyze a script and get into character

Learn the Meisner technique, from principles taught by the founding father, Sanford Meisner

These classes were specifically built for new and aspiring actors with less than one year’s
training in acting. Emasla is recommended by NBC’s Diversity Talent Development Program.

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Acting Classes in LA

Intermediate Acting Classes

Why put the brakes on a dream when you’ve already begun? Emasla will carefully sculpt what
you already know about acting –and help you take your skills to the next level of success.


Increase confidence to secure auditions and land desired roles
Learn scene study and the Meisner technique through planned workshops
Optional private actor’s coaching available

Emasla is recommended by NBC’s Diversity Talent Development Program.

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Acting Classes in LA

Advanced Acting Classes

Get ready for the opportunities that await. Actor’s who’ve already stood through the prepping
stages can ensure readiness when opportunity knocks. Emasla teaches a rigorous syllabi for
advanced-level actors who are hungry to reach their goals:

Get the message of the script quickly, and break it down with believability
Captivate audiences every minute and every second without wavering
Learn how to incorporate your own finesse in the scene

If you’ve had more than one year of actor’s training and/or experience, now’s the time to go all
the way. Emasla is recommended by NBC’s Diversity Talent Development Program.

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Acting Classes in LA

Group Acting Classes in LA

Group acting classes offered at our LA acting studio offers students the knowhow to participate
in scenes – as a team. This is an in-demand skill in Hollywood. Our coaches help you practice
to perfection by studying scenes, and several added acting techniques.


Learn to get into character – with other characters on set
Learn about the popular Meisner technique – firsthand
Flexible acting workshops offered

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Acting Classes in LA

Acting Classes for Lawyers

The cases you’ve defended are gripping in real life settings. Would you like to convey these
emotions on the big screen? Do you believe there’s a calling in professional acting? If so, the
foundation for a successful acting career starts with impeccable coaching.

Are your goals for acting classes solely for the courtroom? We can help with that too. You’ve got
the book knowledge – now it’s time to help with clear, verbal expression.


Learn about gestures and facial expressions, and how these are translated by public

Build confidence with posture and smooth talking confidence through voice training

Convey your defense or prosecution clearly and convincingly to a room of skeptics

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Acting Classes in LA

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