Advanced Scene Study Class Upcoming

Advanced Scene Study
a weekly workout for actors with Elizabeth Mestnik

The Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio
7600 Melrose Ave. 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, California 90046

Get ready for Pilot Season!

We are currently auditioning actors for our Advanced Scene Study program.
Extensive performance experience with traditional rehearsal format
Audition technique for Film, Television and Stage
Maintenance/refreshing of current skill set
Opportunities to perform for industry guests
This is a weekly workout where actors test their performance abilities in a safe but challenging environment. Through working on scenes of various genres, the actors discover their strengths and weaknesses with the help of a trained director’s eye. Because class size is restricted to 12 actors, each actor works in every class. We also realize that THE busiest audition season is fast approaching – we want our actors to be completely ready for pilot season, and help them fine tune their audition skills with simulated audition sessions.

This is not a beginning acting class. It requires that the student already have a number of tools in their acting belt. We require that a student applying for this class have prior training or performance experience. It is a mixed levels class of intermediate to advanced students. To maintain the integrity of the class -an audition is required.

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Acting School Testimonials

What makes a great teacher?
Sharif Atkins talks about training with Elizabeth and her teachers.

I recommend EMAS because of Elizabeth. No one matches her level of insight, compassion, and ability to bring out the best in each of her students. You have to have an eye for BS as an acting teacher and she has it. She has called me on my own more than once. You also have to have an eye for the nuances of human behavior, the little itty-bitty details that take a performance from good to great.
-Sharif Atkins – actor/EMAS alum – White Collar, ER, The Preacher’s Wife

Preparing you for the Big Role
Lily Holleman on the Meisner Technique

The Meisner program prepared me to take on my first lead role in a feature film. I filmed the summer after my first year of Meisner, and the technique fit perfectly with what the script demanded. One tool that Meisner teaches that is necessary for every job, however, is truly opening up your ear to be able to hear underneath the lines. If you want to inspire and be inspired by watching your peers struggle, fail, and suddenly break through, you should study here. If you want to expand and your imagination and creativity, study here!
Lily Holleman – actor Southland, State of theUnion, UrFRENZ

A Step by Step Process
Charles Michael Davis on the skills actors need in the real world.

The Meisner Techniqe teaches you how to be honest and how to listen emotionally. The teachers at EMAS push you to expand those emotions – push you past what you think you are capable of. Like a really good coach – Elizabeth ends up being in your head even when she isn’t there. So now when I get a script or sides – I feel totally prepared.
-Charles Davis actor/EMAS alum: The Game, Switched at Birth

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Fall Meisner Technique Program

Due to the demand for our 9-month Professional Training Program, EMAS has added a second session:

When: Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 1:30pm
Start Date: September 29th, 2012
Admission: Interview required
Contact: 323-528-6280

“Elizabeth is a first rate and versatile teacher. She has a mind that conceptualizes, a clear method and vocabulary that leads other to bring their ideas to light. I cannot say enough good things about her”
William Esper: Head of Esper Studios and Author of The Actor’s Art and Craft

For more information on Los Angeles’ Premiere Meisner Training program visit our

Read what EMAS students have to say about the studio

Acting Foundations Class Starting Sep 20th

A professional class for beginning actors

This technique class is for the beginning acting student who wants to invest in his/her craft to become a well skilled, exciting actor. This demanding but fun 11-class workshop serves as an overview of the required skills needed to enter the acting profession including:

Imagination work
Character development
Physical and Vocal Development
Scene Study

When: Thursdays at 7:00pm
Start Date: September 20th, 2012
Admission: Register on line here!
Contact: 323-528-6280

The goal of this class is to develop a comprehensive set of “acting tools” to draw upon when approaching a role or a scene. Students will acquire confidence, self-awareness, a strong creative spirit and professional work ethic. All the traits needed for an acting career.

For more information on EMAS visit our website at


The great strength of Meisner Training is that it gives you a clear, step-by-step approach to the craft of acting that allows complete freedom of expression and confidence in your abilities. In EMAS’ Meisner Technique program, we teach The Meisner Technique, period.

Visit Our Meisner Page for more information and contact Elizabeth Mestnik for an interview.

Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio
7600 Melrose Unit J
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 528-6280

Physical Voice Workshop – Time is Running Out

What you say, and how you speak convey two different meanings.

The upcoming physical voice class at the Elizabeth Mestnik studio of LA, delves deep into voice training, to help actors and actresses nail the character being played.

On another note, procrastination can sure place a dent on many an actor’s career. This summer, with just a few days and 3 spots left, serious-about-success actors and actresses can take advantage of the upcoming voice workshop.

The class runs between July 5th and August 6th,  every week, with the full schedule and tuition accessible here.

The workshop is ideal for pairing with the Summer Meisner Technique Intensive. However, as an independent course, it can do wonders to how a message is portrayed – with one’s voice alone.

Acting coach Elizabeth Mestnik, has trained numerous actors successfully for voice, Meisner, the scene study, and a slew of other acting techniques.

The voice workshop is ideal for both voice and stage actors, as students learn voice techniques to master a message.

The Benefits of The Physical Voice Workshop at EmasLa:

  • Excellent credentials
  • Work with an acting coach who inspires creativity
  • Honest and constructive advice

Cost and times for the Physical Voice Workshop is available here.

Only 3 Spots Left For The Meisner Summer Intensive Program!

With only three spots left, and just a few short days for classes to begin, which vying actors out there will take a big step on the road to improvement?

The Meisner technique is one of the most sought-after skills in the acting industry today. This is because it helps to convey the true character that an actor is playing.

Bringing words to life from a script, and in the original way an author wants it to be, is by no means an easy task. With the Summer Meisner Technique Intensive school, this skill becomes much like second nature, through a series of role playing, as well as coaching from lead director, Elizabeth Mestnik herself.

The Benefits of the Summer Meisner Technique Intensive include:

  • Train with a top acting director
  • Get intensive training in the Meisner technique
  • Learn how to get into character, without any hitches
  • Learn about self-analysis to improve upon current acting skills
  • Pair with the voice training classes for maximum benefits

Ultimately, students learn the Meisner technique in the original form – the way that Sanford Meisner, the originator, invented this acting technique.

There’s also an opportunity to extend the course for the two-year program (beginning in fall).

Readers of this post who are interested in registering, should do so as soon as possible. The cutoff date is July 5th, with only Session A being available:

The days and times are Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m.; and Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. The program runs between July 5th to August 6th.

Full commitment is needed by all students. In addition, prospective students must first arrange an interview with the Emasla’s director, before enrollment. Tuition prices and other details can be found here.

Our studio’s string of excellence can be attested by former students, and also industry experts in the area. See what past students are saying about the benefits of training at Emasla here.

In addition, students can phone us at 323-528-6280, or visit us at 7600 Melrose Unit J, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Lastly, the tally is up to only three spots. Opportunity waits on no man. Call or book now.

The Physical Voice with Paul Boehmer

July 9, 16, 23 & 30, 2012

Combining the ideas of Fitzmaurice vocal work and Physical Dynamics, this workshop is geared to help in important areas of an actor’s development.

“One of the best and most freeing voice classes I’ve ever experienced. Paul is a master teacher”
Richard B.

What it does:

Physicality: we develop awareness of patterns of vocal effort or blocks through a series of gentle and/or rigorous exercises.

Breath: we explore the central role that breathing plays in both vocal production and the inspired imagination.

Vocal Quality: we cultivate the ability to accurately communicate our thoughts and feelings while meeting the demands of text.

Practical Results: we reduce strain in the voice, increase vocal range and expressivity, make speech easy and clear, allowing creativity to flow.

When: Mondays 7 – 9pm

Where: EMAS

7600 Melrose Avenue, LA 90046

Cost: $170 for 4 classes

Contact: 323-528-6280

***Highly recommended for those in the 2-year Meisner Training Program***
This class is a magnificent way to make sure that your instrument is able to do all it is required to do when working on emotionally charged scenes. It helps the actor to work through physical and emotional blocks while also helping them understand the way breath and language can help tell the story, develop a character and engage the audience.
or for more information Call 323-528-6280

To learn more about the Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio
EMAS is the recommended training program for
NBC’s Talent Development Initiative.

Giving An Audience A Tear-Jerk Reaction

How can the art of audience engagement be achieved?

This can be done by studying the character being played, and acting as if you’re living in those circumstances.

Hearing an audience’s reaction shows how well the script was written, and how well the actors mastered the emotions of the characters involved.

How can you keep audiences on their toes in a series of tension, then relief?

If you think that only seasoned actors can master this. Think again. Everyone and every actor starts from somewhere. Many actors shape their skills in acting with different techniques, and one solid starting point is the  Meisner technique.

The Meisner technique can be adapted for both film and on-stage performances. An acting studio will teach the significant differences in both spheres. Also, what if it were a one man show? Would you be able to capture differing voices in one single act? Through a series of training, the Meisner technique ultimately showcases how to master acting into  different settings, by being fearless with your imagination and emotions.

We all know that acting is an art form, and a skill that involves much passion. So how can your message be delivered in the best way?


Through improvisation  and capturing believable emotions, one can convey the message in stunning fashion, to allow viewers to feel the same emotions that you are acting out.

How to Train for the Meisner Technique

Get Meisner trained with the summer intensive Meisner series at Emasla.

The summer class can be thought of like a workout session, whereby the muscles of acting are trained and built up, to be the most show-worthy after a series of training.

Following the summer program, actors can then choose to continue the extended two year Meisner training. Flexible schedules are offered, to include day and night classes.

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