Acting Conservatory Training Program

An opportunity to train at the highest level: invest in your craft, your career and yourself.

At EMAS we strongly believe in the conservatory approach to actor training, which means that students are encouraged to train their entire instrument; body, voice, imagination, and intellect. We want you to be precise in your process, clear in your storytelling and completely fearless in your artistry.

2019 is our first year with a full Conservatory curriculum. 19 hours a week of in-studio instruction, integrated with our flagship Meisner Technique Program. Our Voice, Speech, Movement and Shakespeare teachers are fully trained in the Meisner Technique so all classes work together to inspire a fully open, creative, and professionally skilled actor. Instructors work collaboratively to offer each student a personalized program. The program consists of the following courses:

The 2019/20 Conservatory Schedule has students in-studio working 6 days a week to develop their craft.

The typical BFA/MFA and LA Conservatory program costs between $17,000 – $25,000 or more per year. Taking on a lot of debt in order to train makes it nearly impossible to fully pursue a life as an artist. Our mission was to create an affordable Conservatory program. We want you to worry less about finances and to have the option to take the low/no paying opportunities that give you performance experience, and the chance to build your resume. We want to minimize your financial stress. Your energy shouldn’t be spent doing just what pays the bills. This exhausts your energy reserve and leaves you discouraged because you have nothing left for audition preparation or further developing your career. You see – we’ve been there. We know what it is like to be a “starving artist”. It’s not as romantic as it sounds.

Our solution is to offer the same level of training as these other Conservatories. Our passion drove us to cut out the bureaucracy, remove unnecessary overhead, and minimizing our administrative costs. Our reputation in LA is stellar, our teachers all have Masters or equivalent degrees in their specialties, as well as professional experience in the industry. We offer 19 hours of in-studio training for a fraction of the cost. Our Conservatory Training Program is only $7,600 per year.

If this is your dream and you are ready to invest completely in making this dream come true, please complete the application below. It will take time, dedication, and passion to pursue, but if you’re ready to make that commitment – EMAS is ready to invest in you!

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